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 Currently there is no physical gallery, because Petrus is presently traveling Europe and Turkey in search of a new location, studio, gallery and home to work out of.

If you wish to contact him, or find out where he is in his search, please go to: or email:

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Privacy Statement:

     Any and all information provided to the this site  and this email  will under no circumstances ever be shared in any form physical or electronic.

Internet Ethics:

     Mutual Respect is and has always been at the heart of any and all transactions for us.  This principal has never wavered, continues to be paramount and is carried forward into our internet trade gateway Art Unseen.  With that said, I realize and have come to understand through personal experience that what is stated as true and honest in numerous websites is anything but.  Through our EBay experience and dealing with such things as fraudulent escrow services we have learned and become internet aware.  If there is doubt check it out, is a motto worth following.  Anyone can create a website which appears on the surface legitimate.  In this world still filled with unscrupulous behavior it is up to us to protect our interests.  So if any doubt exists as to our sincerity please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Legal stuff:

     If what was said above holds value and is put into practice, perhaps I will never have to put myself through having to write any form of legal or contractual mumbo jumbo.

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