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     Art needs to serve a purpose greater than itself or the artist who created it. True art, as with a life lived in true honesty, serves more than itself. I see art and life as synonymous expressions of who we are, each imitating the other without distinction. At its best, art offers us a peek through the doorway of the divine truth in us all. At its worst, art is used to sell us something we don’t want or need. Good or bad, I judge art through intent of purpose and it may sound cliché... but I feel art must serve a higher purpose than mere adornment of corporate hallways or motel walls. I do not work towards any market, and in so doing have not received much in the form of financial recognition. Yet through this consciously guided choice the work remains... and for me personally, stands the test of time. Selling my soul was and will never be an option.

     In our present age and throughout history all too often the worth of a human life is measured fiscally. Today, even the Earth finds itself in the predicament where economic concern overrides environmental. Most times when I feel less than, this social estimate of worth is lurking somewhere in the shadows of habitual thought patterns and is the direct cause for my feelings of self doubt. Yet after 20 or so years of holding true, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I desire financial security, if only to allow me the privilege to produce the work with a clear conscience free from historically defined male breadwinner guilt.

     Drawing was something I could do from an early age. It got me through my school daze and was my friend when I had none. Later in life at age 24, I would find out what to do with this talent or gift. From that day on, and although at times I've stumbled on the path, I have devoted my work to honest self expression. No pretense and hopefully no pretentiousness, but humanity must aspire to a higher level of consciousness. We must question those in power who profess to be looking after the common good and our best interests. In the same respect and if it is to remain relevant, I feel art in whatever form must raise questions, make us think and ask questions of ourselves. Are we living up to humanity’s ideals of compassion, honesty and truth?

     Whether my subject is skin or stone, or whether my medium is paint, pencil, wood, stone or word, my method remains the same and is refined to seeing the simple truth in light and shadow. Losing myself in detail and focusing on the point where pencil meets board is a meditation. Through that process the circle is completed and through the expression of higher ideals a higher level of consciousness is experienced. One feeds the other.

     In these turbulent times of fear and insecurity, art is generally seen as a luxury or extravagance and not for what it truly is... an integral component of a healthy society.  Fear would dictate that we as artists should change our expression to suit a fickle financial reality, but I beg to differ.  It is precisely in times like these, where we need to hold true to who we are, for all else can fall away but here and now we remain.  The true relevance of art rests in it remaining true to itself and the artist who created it.  And in times of apparent turmoil, only those who possess the will, fortitude, purity of heart and purpose will prevail.  I want to believe this to be true.  Personally... I would do what I do, express what I express, whether or not financial gain was the end game... and I do.


"The boundaries to what can be created are only limited by desire and imagination."


Petrus Boots ~ January 29, 2009

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