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Digital Sketch for Painting in Progress by Petrus Boots

Click on image to view full image at 5115 X 1728 pixels, 3.2M.

Original ............................ In Progress

* To purchase original work,
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Size .... 71 in  ~ 40 in / 178 cm ~ 102 cm

Medium .......................... Oil on Canvas

Sketch Medium .................. Tablet on PC

Copyright  2010 by Petrus H. Boots


     The sketch displayed here is the first I have ever drawn by hand solely within the digital world.  Using a Tablet and Photoshop on a PC it will eventually be transferred onto canvas.

     The oil painting which this sketch is for has so far spanned 18 years in the making.  This is not to say I have had the pleasure of 18 years with brush to canvas, but 18 years since I first passed by the rock formation that spawned the idea and makes up the background of this painting.  For more on the present image in progress see: Oil Painting in Progress

Petrus Boots
February 20, 2011


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