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Mind Heart & Soul by Petrus Boots

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Commission ......... 6000.00 us (estimate)*

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Size ........ 40 in  ~ 30 in / 101.5 cm ~ 38 cm

Medium ...... Graphite Pencil on Art Board


"Portrait of Jill Christie"


     Mind Heart & Soul is a portrait commissioned by my friend Jill Christie sometime in the mid eighties.  Jill became my patron through this collaboration and she would continue to support me through ordering a variety of commissioned works.  This all came to an abrupt end when one fateful day she was lost to us through a fatal car accident.  She was one of those rare souls who gave of herself generously and she is still missed to this day by those who were touched by her giving nature.

     As a final honor bestowed on me by my friend Jill, Mind Heart & Soul hung over her closed casket at the funeral home and church ceremonies celebrating her life and if I was to tell you how it got there you wouldn't believe me.  Suffice it to say, having Soul in the title I gave the portrait was apt. 

Petrus Boots
March 1, 2011

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