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Oz by Petrus Boots

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Wall Mural

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11 ft ~ 11 ft / 335 cm ~ 335 cm


Airbrushed Acrylic on Gypsum Board


"The Wizard of Oz ~ The Emerald City"


     The picture displayed here is the only one I have of the Oz mural I did sometime in the late 1980's.  As it is shown, it is yet to be finished, with the yellow brick road coming over a  few more hills to bring it into the room.  The house in which it was painted has changed hands a couple of times since and upon occasion I have wondered if it still exists.  Having received word (through e-mail) from the newest owner, I'm happy to say it still does along with some other murals I did in another building on the property.

Petrus Boots
Jack's Lake

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