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Cosmic Tree Loft Bedroom by Petrus Boots


Rustic Loft Bed
Installation & Wall Mural

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Soft Maple & Pine
Airbrushed Oil on Gypsum Board


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     More a promised work than a commission my daughter's bedroom was a long time coming.  In order to reach this point of completion, first a storm had to blow through the area knocking down a suitable limb for the support tree.  Along with that tree came other branches which I skinned of bark and used for supporting the various shelving.  For the bed itself, I went for a more traditional approach using cut and planed pine with a sheet of plywood for the base.

     Samsara's room began with the wall mural of the cosmos, airbrushed before she moved into her room and now with the bed completed I had further ideas for it.  Eventually, I wanted to build her a tree house which she could have had direct access to from her room.  I would have liked to replace the window with a door and have added a Juliet balcony joining the two upstairs rooms, and from there create a way to go into the trees.  This idea would have served not only as a unique addition but also as a practical fire escape.

       Now that she is no longer with me all future plans have been relegated to the past and no further work will be done to her room which remains an empty reminder of what once was and never shall be again.

     All pine board and building materials were supplied by Apsley Home Building Centre Wellington Street, Apsley Ontario.  Twice they have delivered materials to my door without charge.  A nice change from the usual.

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