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Art Unseen T-Shirt by Art Unseen

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Art Unseen T-Shirt .................. 20.00 us*
Plus 10.00 Shipping and Handling

Sizes Available ......... Large & Extra Large

Medium ....... Screen Print on 100% Cotton

Colors ............... Unbleached Natural Only

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Art Unseen T=Shirt

Support the independent voice of the Artist by purchasing a Fair-trade Unbleached 100% Cotton Art Unseen T-Shirt.


     Beyond it being a functional form of art in the guise of apparel, the Art Unseen T Shirt is an inexpensive product people can purchase to show and offer their support for the arts.  There is no better way to support the arts then to buy from the artist directly.  Through direct purchase you afford the artist the freedom to express without compromise.  If you appreciate what he expresses, your purchase allows him to continue unfettered by the dictates of our progressively censored society.  A society which seems bent and determined to make the sacred profane and turn beauty to shame.  I feel it is the artist's job to make the profane sacred and set shame aside expressing my vision of beauty without prejudice for true beauty knows no shame.

     Indirectly, through the purchase of an Art Unseen T you help to support other small businesses within the local community.  The shirts are printed at Renegade Apparel** who have a strict policy of only working with garments produced through the practice of fair trade.  The 100% Natural Cotton t-shirts are provided by Gildan, a Fair Trade company.  Fair Trade, meaning: the workers who stitch the threads and pack the boxes are paid a fair wage.

     If you want to see change in our world never mind the ballot box, rather, vote with your dollar.  Here is the world you help to create when you purchase a T or any other product created at Art Unseen.  A world where at least one artist can feel free to articulate as he chooses. A world where a small apparel company with a conscience can continue to support a larger company who pay their workers a fair wage.  Add to that, that all Art Unseen T's are printed on natural unbleached cotton and you do your bit for the planet.

     All things considered, when you purchase an Art Unseen T you get a conscious bang for your buck. Appreciation of my work in the form of praise is always welcome, and now here is an opportunity for you to not only say it, but show it, and through wearing the T, share it.


Thank You for Your Support


** Renegade Apparel
Myles Conner (Proprietor)
(705) 748 - 6857
247 Hunter Street West, Peterborough ON, Canada



     To purchase original work through Art Unseen arrangements can be made by contacting the artist directly through phone, mail or email.   Cheque, money order and major credit card transactions are available through  Art Unseen Studio & Gallery directly.  Click on the following link for comprehensive contact (phone, address...) information page: Contacts @ Art 


     Prices listed do not include the cost of shipping and handling.  Shipping and handling costs are based on size, weight and North American coast to coast insured delivery charges through Canada Post.   Orders placed within North America, shipping costs are added directly to the purchase price.  For International orders, cost of shipping will be adjusted with email notification to customer before purchase is finalized.   We ship worldwide.

* Orders placed and shipped within Canada, Canadian accepted at par with U.S. dollar.


     If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase or you have problems or questions regarding the payment process, please contact us at or follow this link for detailed contact (phone, address...) information page:  or Contacts @ Art