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General Print Information

Giclẽe Editions:

     Giclẽe which (roughly translated) means fine spray, is the latest form of printing to enter the art market.  With the advent of digital image capture and ink jet printing technology, giclẽe printing has opened up a wide range of options for the Artist.  Not the least of which is that Images to be reproduced are safely stored in a digital format and are produced only upon demand. This brings with it the guarantee that upon purchase each giclẽe is a brand new baby.  The cost of producing one or two reproductions at a time (although costly compared to individual prints within complete edition lithographic print runs) negates the need for a large investment and opens the door for the Artist to self-sustain the reproduction process. The price of each giclẽe by Petrus Boots directly reflects (through image dimensions) the cost of reproducing and marketing the image.  Giclee prints are signed, numbered and distributed consecutively starting from number one to the end of the specified print run limit.

     Color giclẽe editions are printed on an Epson Stylus® Pro 10000 using 100% pigment based archival inks on canvas.  Giclẽe on canvas editions are then lightly coated with a high quality varnish, stretched onto an inner wooden frame and given a heavier final coat for full U. V. protection.  Suitable for framed or unframed display canvas giclẽes do not require glass cover for preservation purposes.

     Black and white giclẽe editions are printed on an Epson Stylus® Pro 9500 to produce a true black and white image using partial pigment Epson Ultra Chrome inks.  In a duo-tone method of printing, two separate shades of black are printed on 100% Acid Free 425g Cotton Rag.  For proper preservation black and white on cotton rag editions require framing under glass before displaying.

Premium Editions:

     Giclẽe Premium Editions by Petrus Boots are printed to scale with the original work and are the closest representation of the image short of the one and only hand worked original.  Premium editions do not and will never exceed a maximum of 100 prints with color editions on canvas held to no more than 60.

Lithograph Editions:

     Lithographic is a more traditional form of printing, which (until the advent of archival quality tested giclẽes) was the relative standard in the reproduction of art prints.  Lithography is a form of direct printing where images are burned onto plates and ink applied onto paper through a large industrial printing press.  With the entire edition completed in one print run the cost overhead and investment is substantial. The initial out lay by the Artist along with gallery cuts and the reproduction limit placed on the image reflect the retail cost of each print.  For proper preservation lithographic editions on acid free rag require framing under glass before displaying.

Remarque Editions:

     Remarques or re-marks (as defined by the word) are reworked lithographic prints which include some form of hands on touch by the Artist.  Whether adding color to a printed black and white image or including sketches within the border, this process is labor intensive.  This fact naturally limits the number of remarques produced by Petrus Boots to editions not exceeding a maximum of 27.

Limited Editions:

     Limited Editions are the standard and largely accepted form of reproducing an Artist's work for market.  A print run limit is set and each individual print is signed, numbered and proofed by the Artist.  Limited editions by Petrus Boots do not exceed a maximum of 500 pieces.

Open Editions:

     Open Editions are editions where no limit is set to the number of copies produced.  Lithographic remains the standard for open edition printing hence creating first, second, third... editions of which the first is approximately a 1000 pieces.  First edition printings are signed and quoted by the Artist.


     Stock refers to the material on which the image is printed.  All reproductions by Petrus Boots (including open editions) are printed on 100% Acid Free stock for maximum life.

Artists Proofs:

     Artist Proof Editions are a marketing ploy where I draw the line.  All reproductions by Art Unseen Studio & Gallery are proofed by the Artist.


     To order this print click on the respective Add to Cart button.  To view cart, click on shopping cart icon.  Transactions will be processed through our secure Art Unseen PayPal account for most major credit cards.  If you prefer a personal touch, (for example: in the purchase of original work) arrangements can be made by contacting the artist directly through phone, mail or email.   Cheque, money order and major credit card transactions available through Art Unseen directly.  Click on the following link for comprehensive contact (phone, address...) information page:  Contacts @ Art 


     Prices listed do not include the cost of shipping and handling.  Shipping and handling costs are based on size, weight and North American coast to coast insured delivery charges through Canada Post.   Orders placed within North America, shipping costs are added directly to the purchase price.  For International orders, cost of shipping will be adjusted with email notification to customer before purchase is finalized.   Each and every reproduction by Petrus Boots is proofed by the Artist before shipping.  We ship worldwide.

* Orders placed and shipped within Canada, Canadian accepted at par with U.S. dollar.


     If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase or you have problems or questions regarding the payment process, please contact us at or follow this link for detailed contact (phone, address...) information page:  Contacts @ Art 

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